Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dual Monitors and Excel

Windows could really use a "super maximize" button to maximize a window across all monitors.  I know that software packages made for managing multiple monitors have this functionality, but I would like it baked into Windows.

In any case, the program where I most often find myself manually resizing the window to span my two monitors is Excel.  A while ago I got sick of doing that, so I wrote a simple macro to do it.  Here's the code:

'the control parameter can be omitted.  I included it in my macro because that signature is needed for macros
'invoked from the ribbon
Sub MaximizeAcrossTwoMonitors(control As IRibbonControl)

    Dim TargetWidth As Integer
    TargetWidth = 2880 'fine-tune as needed for your specific setup
    Dim TargetHeight As Integer
    TargetHeight = 780 'fine-tune as needed for your specific setup
   'if the window is already maximized across two monitors, we're going to assume the user wants to return to regular maximized window state
    If Application.Width = TargetWidth And Application.Height = TargetHeight Then
        Application.WindowState = xlMaximized
        With Application
            .WindowState = xlNormal
            .Left = 1
            .Top = 1
            .Width = TargetWidth
            .Height = TargetHeight
        End With
    End If

End Sub

You can put that macro in your personal macro workbook and assign it to your quick access toolbar for easy access.

Once Excel is maximized across your workspace, you may want to have two or more workbooks displayed side-by-side.  You probably know that you can do that by going to View --> Arrange All --> Vertical.

However that's three steps I found myself struggling to recall the specifics of.  So, another simple macro for your quick access toolbar would be:

Sub ArrangeWindowsVertically(control As IRibbonControl)
    Windows.Arrange ArrangeStyle:=xlVertical
End Sub

I hope someone finds this useful.

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